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Scranton Maternity Photographers 

Preparing For Your Session


Nothing makes a woman glow more then carrying a child and here at Darkershadesofbrown Photography we want to help you remember that period in your life by offering creative photography for you to document it. You are about to do a very special and, for a few of you, once in a life time photo shoot! It’s worth it to take some time and prepare for it and finding Scranton maternity photographers to fit the needs of a modern mother to be is a tough task. Our goal in the portrait studio is to let you be who who are and capture the beautiful mother you are about to be.

On the day of your session, plan to relax and take it easy. Getting your hair and/or makeup done is a nice treat for yourself, and will definitely contribute to a more polished look. Choosing your outfit the night before and taking a nap on the day of the shoot will make you feel well-rested, relaxed and attractive.

A couple of hours before your session, remove any clothing that may cause lines or marks on the body.

Scarves, shawls and soft fluid fabrics make wonderful wraps for maternity portraits. Bring them along. Fabrics that cling to your curves also work well. Jeans and tops with subtle or no pattern will provide for a more contemporary look. I love all dresses, vintage and modern. The only thing I am not a big fan is whites. White is a difficult color to photograph during a natural light session. Off whites, pastels or bright tropical colors are better choices.

Keep accessories to a minimum since these can distract from a portrait.

Before the session, please discuss with me what you want them to be soft and intimate? Romantic? Contemporary? Classic? All this should be handled in the studio or via email at your consultation

Let me know about any birthmarks, scars or tattoos you may have. Do you want these left on final prints or removed?

Once the photo shoot begins, relax. Enjoy the intimacy and beauty of the moment. Revel in your glow. The most beautiful woman is the one about to become a mother.


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Check out these cool head wreath options for your maternity session

Newborn Portrait Guide

Scranton Portrait Studio Newborn Preparation

Scranton Portrait Studio Newborn Preparation  

Preparing For Your Session:

Scranton Portrait Studio Newborn Preparation

Once you decide to schedule a newborn session after your maternity session In Scranton PA with Darkershadesofbrown Photography , we will set a tentative date based on your due date.  I understand that babies rarely come when predicted and I will accommodate their personal plans for arrival, but a due date will give us a base line.  Once your infant is born, please get in touch with me and we will firm up our date and time.  Babies are best photographed in the first 10 days of their new little lives.  They sleep better, don’t have colic yet, and usually haven’t started developing baby acne or cradle cap.  If you are a c-section Mom, we can work out something around your recovery.

When we schedule your session, we will have a conversation about what you are looking for.  Do you want only pictures of the baby?  Are you more interested in your infant being photographed with family than in some of my props?

Please do not feed your infant before coming to see me.  I will give you space and time to feed the baby and sooth him to sleep once you arrive.  The reason this works best is that if you feed your baby before you come he will start his sleep cycle while in his car seat.  No good.  We want him to do that at the studio.

It is always nice to have a pacifier.  This will help me to sooth your baby in between poses.  If you have chosen not to use a pacifier, please be prepared to help me by having your finger ready for your baby to suck on.

I photograph babies in their birthday suits.  I have yet to photograph a newborn in clothes and hope that I am never asked to do so.  Newborn babies just don’t fill out clothes properly.  They are so much sweeter without all that bulky fabric.  I would be happy to schedule another session down the road to photograph your baby in any special outfits, especially christening / blessing outfits.

What should you wear?  Wear something comfortable.  Keep in mind that I rarely if ever show anything below the waist in a portrait.  So you can wear shorts, jeans, or whatever else you choose.  As far as tops are concerned I LOVE black tank tops for Moms.  Black shirts and blouses are best.  Bring something to change into after I am done photographing you with baby that is nice and cool.  I keep my studio very warm at around 80 degrees.  It is all about the baby.  So think about keeping cool when you are choosing clothing.

I strongly encourage you to bring any special hats, hair-bands, bracelets etc….  You may not like what I have and I may fall in love with what you bring.  So not only will your additions give us more to choose from they are also extra special since they belong to your little one.

Lastly, if you should think of anything before you come please feel free to contact me.  I live and breathe by checking my email!  I will respond in a very timely manner.


Scranton Portrait Studio Newborn Preparation

Scranton Portrait Studio Newborn Preparation



Scranton Portrait Studio Newborn Preparation 

During Your Session:

Once you arrive I will give you some time in my studio to feed and sooth your baby.  Once she is happy and sleepy please let me know so I can join you.

I start my sessions by taking some portraits of your baby on a beanbag.  I am looking for some great body shots and capturing some of baby’s bits and pieces like her hands and feet.

Once we have these  more important poses under our belt,  I will move on to photographing your newborn in the props that you have chosen.

Scranton Portrait Studio Newborn Preparation 2

Scranton Portrait Studio Newborn Preparation